Visit to Spanish Chamber of Commerce

In the framework of the KA2 project “Entrepreneurship Education for Cultural Tourism” (EECT), Asociación PROJUVEN had an opportunity to visit the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Málaga, Andalusía.

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce coordinates the network of Chambers of Commerce in Spain and acts as its representative before national and international governing bodies, as well as providing advisory services to the Spanish government.  Its mission is to promote and defend the general interests of trade, industry, services and maritime navigation. One of the cornerstones of the Chamber of Commerce is the development of entrepreneurial spirit and fostering the creation of new businesses.

During the meeting were discussed different programmes which are offered by various institution collaborating with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the field of entrepreneurship. For us was interesting to know that the Spanish Chamber of Commerce supports businesses over the entire process of setting up shop, collaborating in all the steps needed to open a business, giving advice early on, handling administrative processes and consolidating the business plan.

The main aims of our project, one of which is to strengthen cooperation with local and regional authorities and to support the development of better knowledge about Entrepreneurship Education (specifically applied to cultural tourism) was presented during this visit. Topics such as how to make effective use and facilitating the access of young people to EU funds and programmes are one of the priorities of EECT, which made our visit extremely useful. As Spanish tourism sector is ranked as the most competitive in the world, according to the World Economic Forum, for us was very interesting to discussed all the benefits which cultural tourism can bring to young people and residents in general, and their business.

The visit of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce was very useful for the objectives of our consortium and for creating a strong synergy for spreading all the outputs of EECT project.