Romanian beautiful destinations

RO: Haideți să vorbim încă o dată despre frumusețile naturale ale României, locuri de minune pe care turiștii le pot vizita, admira, și pe unde se pot plimba, atunci când vin în țara noastră.

EN: Let’s talk again about Romanian natural beauties, amazing places tourists can visit, admire and wander when come to our country.

If we talk about European culture and its architecture we can say that nowadays style is an industrialized one, with huge and modern buildings in the biggest cities. People who live in crowded places, have to deal with stress and lack of free time.

So, when it comes to holidays, Romania is a good choice for tourists who want to feel free, simply living and discover different cultures and amazing locals.

There is a top of the most wanted Romanian destinations when it comes to culture, traditions and simplicity.

Viscri – the Saxon village of Transylvania

Viscri Fortified Church is one of them and it is part of UNESCO World Heritage. It was built more than 900 years ago, and the origin of the name is German. Once arrived there you feel like you’re walking in another world, you can hear only the birds’ singing. The best time to visit Viscri village and the church is the summer, especially because the time is wonderful, you can walk around, visit locals and feel free to do nothing, but to enjoy the simplicity of this place.





Bucovina is a region in northeastern Romania and it is known for tourists and visitors especially due to the beautiful monasteries and churches. Bucovina Monasteries are a kind of curiosity for tourists – people are impressed by the exterior and interior paintings and decorations with Christian saints. In fact, the most influential thing at these monasteries is that they inspire tranquility and harmony – tourists say they get inspired by these monasteries and live harmonious moments by visiting them. Enough for a beautiful summer holiday, right? Now let’s take photos to show what we cannot say in words: Romanian beauties.



Generally speaking, there are a lot of old and new churches or monasteries in Romania. Each of them has its beauty. It is a good thing for the traditional and historical Romania that people are interested in discovering this side as well. Moreover, it is interesting that tourists who visits these beautiful villages observe and take part to other traditional events such as Romanian Folklore – in this way they have a better understanding about Romanian happiness and they learn new things: locals are pretty nice and help the others learn the dance steps and to be part of the „party”. Locals celebrate especially on Sundays, and Bucovina is no exception.



These being said, Romania is a good attraction country for tourists interested in traditional and simple lifestyle. By visiting Romania they can learn a lot, enjoy cultural events,  cross the roads. So they can remember that whatever the influences of industrialization and modernization are, it is important to keep a simple and quiet lifestyle and enjoy every moment. Let’s not forget that the people with whom we spend our holidays have a very important role. Take your friends and family, pack up and come here. Romania is waiting for you with plenty of beautiful places and wonderful locals who want to share their experiences with you.