Romanian branding – beautiful places to be discovered

RO: În momentul în care vorbim despre România, ne gândim la diversitatea naturală: țara este conturată din munți (28%), câmpii (30%) și dealuri și podișuri (42%).

EN: When we talk about Romania we think about natural diversity: the country is covered by mountains (28%), plains (30%) and hills and plateaus (42%).


Due to the Romanian diversity, there is no wonder that there are beautiful destinations accessible to everyone and which are not so common and popular, but which preserved their natural beauty. In the last years the number of tourists coming in Romania has increased. For example, in 2016, the number of tourists coming in Romania was 2.5 million.

People are more and more interested in exploring areas which are not well-known than to visit popular places and cities in Romania. They are very curious to learn more and more about Romanian’s culture, habits and locals.

There are several examples – not so popular places – that worth to be explored:

For the beginning we can say that everybody knows a lot of stories about Brașov and Dracula Castle but there are a lot of amazing places in the surroundings that should be discovered by the tourists coming in Romania – Transilvania.

The first example is Plaiul Foii is located in Zărnești county and is an amazing escape in the middle of nature. Everyone who goes there is looking for an adventure – the place is near Piatra Craiului Mountains (protected area) – and it is a good chance to climb on the mountain, to have fun and rest away from pollution and crowded places in the biggest cities of the country. Here are some pictures in order to have an overall image about this amazing place:


If I needed to describe Plaiul Foii in a few words, these would be “fresh air”, “refresh yourself” and “quiet”. It deserves to be seen once in our lives.

Another great place is Cantacuzino Castle (1911), built in neo-Romanian architectural style and Cantacuisine-the castle’s restaurant. This place is located in Bușteni, close to Brașov too. Their website is updated and there are a lot of information about their events: Now, let’s take a look at the pictures:


Covasna county is located close to Brașov and its relief is predominantly mountainous – more than 60%. So, everybody who visits this location will enjoy beautiful days again in the middle of the mountains where the air is fresh and everything is green – joyful moments, I can say. But you can also enjoy Covasna county and its mountains in the winter – the altitude is not so high (about 800 m), so it is easier to have beautiful moments on the track.



There are a lot of other recommendations such as: Seven Ladders Canyon, Tușnad (the smallest town in Romania by population, ethno-cultural region in eastern Transylvania, but where you can find a thermal water area); also, there are a lot of saline all over the country, which are a precious way to keep us health, such as: Turda (Cluj-Napoca), “Ocnele Mari” (Vâlcea county) “Slănic Moldova” etc.

It is interesting that nowadays people are looking for quiet places, natural ones, where they can breathe and enjoy beautiful moments with their families and friends. And from this point of view Romania has a lot to offer and tourists have a lot of places and natural beauties to enjoy, to feel free and to be determined to come back to Romania.

There are a lot of people who are looking for green places, nature and mindfulness. It is a good thing because the Earth becomes more and more polluted and all of us need to rest and enjoy beautiful moments in the middle of a forest or climbing at least once a year in order to stay “recharged” and healthy, but also happy.