Sustainable toursim in cultural destinations

RO: Turismul cultural reprezintă un subiect important în zilele noastre, mai ales din punctul de vedere al tinerilor care sunt preocupați să învețe despre particularitățile altor state, să descopere locuri în mediul rural și urban și facilitățile oferite de acestea cum sunt muzeele, evenimentele culturale ca muzica, arta, tradițiile etc. În acest context, este important să punem în discuție problematica turismului sustenabil cu scopul asigurării dezvoltării sustenabile a turismului și pentru a dobândi bune practici de la diferite state din cadrul Uniunii Europene care au mai multă experiență în acest domeniu.

EN: Cultural tourism represents an important area these days especially for young people who are interested in learning about particularities of other countries, in discovering new places, both urban and rural areas and their cultural facilities such as museums, cultural events concerning music, art, traditions etc. In this context it is important to take into account the issue of the sustainable tourism in order to ensure a sustainable development of tourism and also to reach good practices from different countries of the European Union which are more experienced about this issue.

This article is related to good practices for environmental protection which are necessary in order to ensure a sustainable tourism and the main area we will take into account is the European Union.

Of course, during the last years, the public attention is more and more focused on the issue of environment protection because of several factors such as pollution, climate change, earthquakes etc. We stand for developed, sustainable and engaged European countries. It is very important to see every country’s needs and preoccupations related to the protection of the environment. This is the first step in order to reach more tourists preoccupied by the lifestyle of the other cultures, their culture and the integration at the EU standards of life. The information is shared all over the world nowadays. People are more and more connected and able to make a difference and also to choose what is better for their accomplishment. In the field of tourism, people want to visit places, and we take into account here European area, to feel free and to discover how really is developed another country in terms of society, economy, culture, entertainment, shopping, lifestyle, recreation etc. All these factors have an important impact when somebody chooses to visit another country in the EU and not only. In other words, people need the confirmation of a sustainable tourism in other country before visiting it.

It is easier to visit European countries due to the idea of common protection at the EU level. Not only protection is important, but also the idea of accessibility and quality related to the EU standards. For example, a Romanian wants to visit Germany in order to see how that society works in terms of access to public transportation (because a tourist needs to have easy access and to understand the other countries’ efforts to protect the safety of their citizens and to offer them alternatives to protect the environment – an example in this case can be the access to bikes in the biggest cities of Europe in order to reduce pollution and how can make the access to bikes accessible for tourists: packages for several days and good prices etc.), accommodation, natural resources (in general tourists want access to parks and free places where they can feel free to play, eat, rest and so on: if they have not access to places like these there is a possibility to make them to feel maybe uncomfortable in that country and they will not want to go back again).

Most of the big cities of Europe are crowded and this is another reason why it is very important to pay attention to sustainable goals of the environment preserving natural resources can be an important factor for the development of a sustainable tourism in the EU countries. People are interested in visiting natural areas which are preserved, to take pictures and feel the natural vibe of a place not to be surrounded by crowded, polluted and unhealthy places.A lot of countries have protected beauties: flowers, forests, animals, birds etc. and people are interested to meet this kind of “natural objectives” and this is the reason why every country should be preoccupied in conservation of the natural environment. As we invest in industry (creating new factories in the biggest cities of European Union for example) we need to pay attention to the protection of the environment and to the creation of new building which have parks and green spaces so people can enjoy their free time in a pleasant way (coffee breaks and lunches outside the buildings and not in a polluted area, but a natural one).

In conclusion, every country and every citizen of it should be more careful with the needs of the natural environment in order to live in a healthy and beautiful area and also to sustain the protection of natural beauties. More careful each of us is, more healthy our Europe will be!

Catalina Meirosu

Member of the Romanian team in Entrepreneurship Education for Cultural Tourism mobility