Let’s discover the role of gastronomy in cultural tourism / Case study: Turkish cuisine

A recent report of World Tourism Organization – WTO showed that the majority (87%) of responding organizations believe that gastronomy is a distinctive and strategic element in defining the image and brand of their destination. The same report also shows that 70% of the respondents targeted already gastronomy tourists, but only 10% of them believe that gastronomy tourism has enough promotion in the destination.

“Gastronomy is a fashionable trend, a hobby for thousands, and one of the main reasons for many to travel. People seek to experience food in the same way that they seek out other elements of different cultures like art, music and architecture.” (Taleb Rifai, UNWTO Secretary-General)

Together with PhD Ramazan EREN from Gazi Universitesi (Turkey) we explored the food image of Turkey, we discussed the main touristic motivations and we learned that kebap is perhaps #1 type of Turkish food in the world.

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